Sputtering Targets

We provide and develop a large variety of sputtering targets for a large variety of applications. If you don't see what you are looking for, please contact us!

Magnetic Recording Media

Thin film of various kinds of precious metals, such as Ruthenium and Platinum-alloys, are used in Magnetic Recording Media and Magnetic Head which constitutes HDD (Hard Disc Drive). Ruthenium targets and thin films play very important roles in current Perpendicular Magnetic Recording system.

The next generation recording system such as Shingled Magnetic Recording and Thermally Assisted Recording also requires Ruthenium or Platinum-alloy layers. Furuya Metal provides various kind of targets which include items mentioned above.

Perpendicular Magnetic Recording Perpendicular Magnetic Recording system achieves mass storage using Pt-alloys and Ru.
Perpendicular Magnetic Recording
  • Ru 10µm
  • Ru 5µm

Flat Panel Display (FPD)

OLEDs are used to create digital displays in devices such as smart phone, tablet PCs, which are popularized as cutting-edge terminal device. Our APC Targets contribute to OLED for its low electric resistance, high reflectivity, heat resistance, easiness of surface micromachining and environment resistance.

FPD(Flat Panel Display)

We offer APC alloy targets for FPDs.


Sputtering Targets are essential to the semiconductor industry; they are used for Interconnects and electrodes. As smart phones and tablet PCs become more and more advanced, sputtering targets are needed to accelerate the speed of data processing and to increase the size of data storage.

Furuya Metal works aggressively to develop materials for the next generation semiconductors. We manufacture high purity and high density targets, utilizing our technology of refining PGMs. We propose products which have less particles and superior uniformity performance by controlling and customizing size of particles and orientation. The sputtering instruments inside our facility enable us to inspect characteristics of thin film. Dual-sputtering and triple-sputtering instruments make it possible to develop various alloy thin films.

MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory)

MRAM is drawing an attention as memory of next generation. Layers contains several metal layers. PGM materials are used between two magnetic layers, or between
magnetic layer and another layer.

Targets for semiconductor industry - MRAM-

*We offer Ruthenium (Ru), Platinum (Pt), and Palladium (Pd) targets for MRAM.

MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems)

Microelectronics devices (MEMS) vibrates when Single Crystal Film is put between electrodes at the effect of balk waves. Widespread use of Smartphone and Tablet PCs accelerate the need of high speed data processing. High quality materials such as PGMs are being popular as materials for these devices.

Targets for Semiconductors -Micro Electro Mechanical Systems-

*We offer Ruthenium (Ru), Platinum (Pt), and Iridium (Ir) targets for MEMS.

Electronic Components

Electronic Components

Our products are essential for crystal units, electrodes of LED and reflective layer of Optical Disk. Crystal Units are used in mobile phones, Cars, DVDs and TVs. Other applications include LED and optical components.

We offer Gold (Au), Ag-alloy (APC), Platinum (Pt), Rhodium (Rh) and Iridium (Ir) targets for Electronic Components.