Platinum Materials for Glass Melting

Furuya Metal manufactures glass melting equipment made from Platinum and Platinum Alloys mainly for LCD and optical glass use, to glass manufacturers all around the world.

Conventional Platinum with oxide particles (FPO) sometimes did not fully meet the needs of our customers due to dispersion of strength and composition, so we developed a special grain-stabilized version for a stronger material. We call this GS-FPO, short for "Grain Stabilized Furuya Platinum alloys with Oxide particles-original reinforced Platinum alloy with fine oxide particles". 

It is Platinum material in which only a small amount of oxide is added and distributed homogeneously.

Compared to conventional FPO, GS-FPO has more homogeneous oxide distribution and a much longer grain shape. These characteristics give stable creep strength and extend equipment life. “GS-FPO” is oxide dispersion reinforced Platinum which gives more products stability and longer life time to customers.

         Hardness vs. Annealing Temperature                              Creep Property