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Covered Thermocouple

We offer thermocouples made-to-order covered by insulated material  applied directly to the thermocouple wire. Plastic, glass, fluorocarbon resin, ceramic, and other materials may be used as the insulating cover material. These materials are chosen based on the temperature range of the measurement.  You can refer to the details of each product at Ninomiya Electric Wire Co., Ltd. in their English Catalog.

Sheathed Thermocouple

We create sheathed thermocouples that react to slight changes of temperature without delay. These thermocouples are made with an extra-fine tube. The heat capacity of the Thermocouple itself is extremely small. They are anti-seismic and impact-resistant due to the high density of insulation applied between the sheath and the bare wire. These thermocouples can be made extremely thin (.25mm-8mm) making them ideal for small equipment. They can measure temperatures from -200°C to 1400°C.



Type T14 (Standard)

Type T14 (Standard Type)

Type T35

Type T35

Type T40

Type T40

Type T90

Type T90

Type T96

Type T96



Outer Diameter

0.25 (W), 0.3 (X), 0.5 (Y), 0.65 (Z), 1.0 (A), 1.6 (B), 2.3 (L), 3.2 (D), 6.4 (F), 8.0 (G)
*1.6 and 3.2 are available for PR sheathed thermocouple

Wire Type

K TC (K), E TC (E), J TC (J), T TC (T), R TC (R)

Junction of Temperature Measurement

Junction 6 - Sealed

Measurement junction is exposed and point of sheath is sealed for moisture by epoxy resin.

Junction 7 - Unsealed

Unsealed Type JUNCTION 7

Without the seal by epoxy resin, better adapted to use in hot, dry atmospheres.

Junction 8 - Grounded

Grounded Type JUNCTION 8

Measurement junction is grounded and welded to top of the thermocouple. This type is react instantly but not adapted to use in electrical inductive interference.

Junction 9 - Ungrounded

Ungrounded Type JUNCTION 9

This type is inferior to Junction 8 - Grounded Type in terms of response rate, but it is better suited to use in electrical inductive interference.

Material of Sheath

SUS316 (C), SUS310S (D), SUS347 (F), NCF600 (B), PR10% (R)
*NCF600 and PR10% is available for R type thermocouple wire.

Lead Wire


Optional Acessory Parts

This screw can adjust the insertion length of the thermocouple.

Type 5002 (Material SUS304)

TYPE 5002(material SUS304)

Type 5008 (Material SUS304)

TYPE 5008(material SUS304)

1/81061614 x 16.2
1/41582317 x 19.5
1/220133324 x 27.7
3/422163832 x 37

Type 5009 (Material SUS304)

TYPE 5009(material SUS304)   

1/81061614 x 16.2
1/41582317 x 19.6
1/220133324 x 27.2
3/422163832 x 37