Analysis Tools

Bead Crucibles

We produce Bead Crucibles for X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy. We suggest FPO-5%Au metals, for the best wettability between the metal and glass.

D1 D2 d Material
Type-R 55 45 20 Pt-5%Au, FPO-5%Au
Type-S 70 58 30 Pt-5%Au, FPO-5%Au

*We can produce Pt-5%Au material with FPO-5%Au for cost control.
*Other sizes available.

Pt Cells

D1 H T Material
1 5.1 5 0.1 Pt
2 5.1 2.5 0.1 Pt
*Custom sizing available.
*Other materials such as GS-FPO, Pt-10%Rh, and Au available.

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